Nothing shows American might more than hand-crafted, genuine goods fabricated right here in the motherland. Dyer Brand, established in 2010, was inspired by the craftsmen and guilds of generations past who lived and died by their trade. We're here to honor an era and catalyze a revolution; we want join our return to American made nostalgia.

Our mission is simple:

Make better functioning, better looking goods at a fair price in the United States.

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Screaming Eagle Model single fin I just shaped/ glassed for the Dyer Brand booth at the Clutch Magazine show next week. The deck lamination is inspired by ARVN Tiger Camo used during the Vietnam … View Post

Spreading some glue… Photo by @brookssterling #dyerbrand #handmade #surfboard … View Post

Sweet little article in the newest issue of On The Board surf magazine in Japan. There is also a really good article of one of my best buds @jjwesselsmeanderingincashmir in there too. Check it … View Post

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